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Fernando Soni Senior editor

Do you like to visit those bars where you can watch a strip show?
Would you like to have one of those shows in your own home?

StripSaver2 will bring beautiful girls to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will put some of the best strip dancers right on your screen.
Watch several gorgeous models as they dance in front of you and slowly begin to remove their clothes. Beautiful girls dancing slowly and with a lot of sensuality only for you.
They will remove every piece of clothing, as they perform an erotic dance.

The images will show some kind of glow behind the girls, adding to the atmosphere of mystery and sensuality.
NO, you will not see a classic stripper. These are very pretty and sexy girls that do not perform for everybody.
They will perform only for you and your enjoyment.

But maybe you want to watch the girls more time and not only when the screensaver goes on.
Well, the StripSaver2 will put the girls on your desktop too.
You can keep on working in whatever you are doing with your PC, and a semi transparent girl will walk into the screen and begin her erotic dance.

Now you will be able to enjoy the beauty of all these models at all times.


  • Beautiful girls.
  • The transparent girls are a great idea.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.

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